How to Register a Domain and signup for web hosting

In my previous blog How to Start a Blog I discussed the step needed to start a blog. In this how to  I am going to show you how to register a domain and signup for web hosting at MtekWebHosting and save $10.00 a month for as long as you keep your account current.

There are quite a few steps so I have included some screenshots to help get through the process.

Head over to and signup.

  1. select sign up now button.sign_up_mtekwebhosting_1
  2. Select Order Now button on the Gold Plan to get $10.00 off every month for as long as you keep your account current by using this code SAVE10.sign_up_mtekwebhosting_2
  3. To register a new domain enter a domain name and select Check.sign_up_mtekwebhosting_3
  4. After you find an available domain name that you like scroll down and select continue.sign_up_mtekwebhosting_4
  5. Select continue again. You will be able to enter your SAVE10 code in a couple of pages to save $10.00 a month for the life of your account.sign_up_mtekwebhosting_5
  6. Select the check box for free DNS and click continue.sign_up_mtekwebhosting_6
  7. To enter the promotion code SAVE10 select click here to add it.sign_up_mtekwebhosting_7
  8. Enter SAVE10 and click Validate Code.sign_up_mtekwebhosting_8
  9. You will notice that the promotion code is activated now click Checkout.sign_up_mtekwebhosting_9
  10. Fill out the from and enter a password and confirm select I have read and agree to the Terms of Service and click Complete Order.sign_up_mtekwebhosting_10sign_up_mtekwebhosting_11
  11. When the paypal page opens fillout the form and click continue or login to PayPal and make the payment.sign_up_mtekwebhosting_12sign_up_mtekwebhosting_13
  12. When you are finished with the payment process you can check your email and see the emails for your domain and web hosting account.


Here are the registration emails that you will receive after registering your domain and signing up for web hosting


  1. MtekWebHosting Invoice Payment Confirmation.Mtek_Web_Hosting_Invoice_Payment_Confirmation
  2. New Mtek-Web Hosting Account InformationNew_Mtek_Web_Hosting_Account_Information_1
  3. Domain Registration ConfirmationDomain_Registration_Confirmation


In the next blog I will show you  how to access your account and some of the main configuration pages.


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