Windows 10 Update Delivery

Note: Before adjusting your service settings, make sure that your system has already installed all updates. If you aren’t willing to do this and you feel like something can go wrong, best not to do it. Unless you understand the things we are talking about. The guide we offer here is a guide that works best for me as PC performance enthusiast.

With Windows 10 Microsoft made it so that updates could be downloaded from more than one place and allow you to get updates from other computers on the network or on the internet which consumes bandwidth and could slow your network and internet connection down. if this option is turned on you should turn it off.




Follow these simple directions to turn off updates from more than one place

Go to Settings in the Start menu


Search for Update & Security


Under Windows Update, open Advanced Options


Under Choose How Updates are Installed, select Choose how updates are delivered


Make sure the toggle under Updated from More than One Place is in the off position



That’s it your all done.

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